Remote technical support

We provides to our clients remote support via the Internet. We can connect remotely to your computer and solve your problems with your computer, server, or other equipment. After a successful connection, we can control your computer as if we were sitting next to him and solve the problem (while you can, but you don't have, watch).

Web apps develompent

Vytváříme webové systémy pro různé účely jako jsou například prodejní portály, informační portály, správa zakázek, databáze, komunikační aplikace, objednávkové systémy, řízení skladu, řízení výroby, monitorovací systémy apod. Development of mobile applications for Android and iOS are not alien for us.

Online backups and archiving

We specialize not only on MS Windows or Linux, we are able to back up virtually any platform. We don't just only back up regular files but of course the whole databases or virtual servers. We perfectly adapt to all your requirements. The backup procedure is done via encrypted and we store sensitive data in encrypted form. We do not replicate all the data silly but we compare data and we transfer only the differences. This dramatically reduces the time required for backup and reduces data transfers.

Virtual and dedicated servers

We have more than ten years of experience with virtualization of operating systems and managing servers in enterprise environment. We are ready to service these small and medium-sized companies. We are trying to sell a mediocre services in bulk and thus are able to meet all individual requirements of our customers.

Hardware development

We also focus on developing hardware for small control and automation. We know various embedded devices, we are able to program it or compose operating system individually.

Camera systems

We offer camera systems for small projects where the customer needs even a single camera and want to invest in expensive solutions.